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Highest frequency supplement on the planet

Manna Gold induces coherent bio-photonic light emissions at the genetic and cellular level. This genetic and cellular light may enhance the coherent structure of our cellular biology, bioenergy field and internal biocircuitry. This in turn may increases our light quotient and up-regulation of bioluminescence at the genetic, biochemical, biological and bioenergetic levels.

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Just what’s in Gold Manna?

Alchemical Gold

Rangpur, Bangladesh

Himalayan Shilajit

Himalayan Range, Nepal

Dead Sea Ormus

Dead Sea, Jordan

Ocean Plasma

Tasmanian Coast, Australia

Your Questions Answered:

What is Manna Gold?

It is an inspired blend of our ultra-rich Manna and bio-active gold. Manna is a combination of the highest quality minerals, amino, fulvic and humic acids and nutrients gathered from some of the highest and lowest points on the planet —the mountains and the sea—to provide a comprehensive and enhanced mineral matrix. Bio-active gold or “Alchemical Gold” is crafted using ancient methods to convert 24-carat gold into a bioactive form the human body can use at the cellular level.

How much gold is in Manna Gold?

Each sachet contains 5mg of converted 24 carat gold

What is Manna Gold used for?

This extraordinary formulation is designed to elevate your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being to new heights. Each daily serving of Manna Gold contains nutrients and information that support human health.* Manna Gold also enhances energy, supports mental clarity, longevity, and vitality and optimizes mineral levels and cellular hydration.* In turn, the body begins to function like a liquid crystal, promoting greater conduction of information throughout the body and greater interaction with the Unified Field.

Why should I take Gold Manna?

Unfortunately, conventional farming practices that rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides have stripped the soil of the beneficial microbes that create the humic and fulvic acids, which plants absorb. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture estimates that US crops contain 80 percent fewer humic and fulvic substances than they did a century ago.

Therefore, even if we eat a healthy, varied diet, we may still not get all of the minerals and other nutrients we need.

With Manna Gold, you can benefit from:

  • Manna Gold contains a unique blend of ingredients that support the body’s energy production. The full spectrum minerals, amino acids, fulvic acid and humic acid in Manna Gold play a large role in energy metabolism, which is the process of converting food into fuel for the cells. These ingredients help to enhance the absorption of nutrients, balance the pH levels, regulate the hormones, and protect the cells from oxidative stress. By providing the body with the essential elements it needs to function optimally, Manna Gold helps to boost energy levels, vitality and well-being.*
  • Manna Gold is a powerful supplement that can boost your brain power and mental sharpness. It contains Shilajit, a natural substance that has been proven to enhance memory and learning abilities in both animals and humans.* It also contains alchemical gold, a form of gold that can be easily absorbed by your body and increase you IQ.* With Manna gold, you can experience the benefits of improved cognition and intelligence.*
  • Cellular superconductivity is a phenomenon where electric current flows without any loss of energy within living cells. This remarkable property allows cells to perform vital functions that are essential for life, such as maintaining consciousness, storing memory, and repairing damage. The Ormus in our Manna Gold is a special substance that contains various elements and minerals that can enhance cellular superconductivity. * By taking Manna Gold, you can boost your health, well-being, and mental performance.*
Peak performance
Manna Gold is a powerful supplement that supports peak performance in all aspects of life. It contains full spectrum minerals, amino acids, fulvic acid, and humic acid, which provide the body with vital nutrients, energy, antioxidants, and detoxification.* Moreover, it has alchemical gold, which helps to clear the mind of stress and negative emotions.*
  • Manna Gold helps you align your body’s natural rhythms with the cosmic cycles, creating a state of harmony and balance. By boosting the communication between your cells, organs, and systems, Manna Gold also helps you to access the wisdom and intelligence of the Unified field, the source of all creation. With Manna Gold, you can experience a deeper connection with the divine and awaken your true potential.
What is the difference between Manna and Gold Manna?

Manna Gold contains all the health benefits of Manna, plus all the healing properties associated with Gold. Such as improved blood circulation, reduced anxiety and stress, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved skin health. * Also the addition of Gold to Manna increases the potency of the Manna nutrients by supporting increased absorption and utilisation by the body.*

How is Gold Manna made?

Shilajit and Ocean plasma are natural products sourced directly from the earth and ocean. Ormus… Alchemical Gold is made using an ancient method to convert pure 24 carrat gold in an alchemical good in 5 stages: 1. Purification, 2. Transformation, 3. Calcieneration, 4. Resurrection, and 5. Unification

How do we know that Gold Manna is safe?

Every batch of Manna Gold is tested in independent laboratories. We test for heavy metals, bacteria, E -coli and any other nasties. We also test to confirm our highly concentrated nutrients are present.

Please see the link to our lab results here.

How I take Gold Manna?

Remove one sachet from the product box which contains 30 sachets. Each sachet is a single, daily dose. Snap the sachet over a glass of water, coconut milk or oat milk and drink daily for enhanced mental clarity, immune resiliency, grounded energy and improved resonance.* You can also add it to your favourite chocolate or coffee flavored smoothies.

We have chosen a single dose packaging option to reduce the risk of contamination, and remove the challenges of working with pure resins, like Shilajit, that can harden when delivered in screw tops or pump applications.

Another benefit is that the correct serving is always administered. It is a quick and easy ‘on the go’ solution for our busy lives.

Is Gold Manna vegan?

Yes, Manna Gold is 100% organic and vegan. All of the ingredients are Earth and Sea-based minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Can I take Gold Manna everyday?

Yes. The ingredients in Manna Gold are all-natural substances, used over thousands of years to restore health and prevent diseases.

How long before I know that Gold Manna is working for me?

Every box comes with 30 sachets to be taken over 30 days. Every body reacts differently, but the effects of Manna Gold usually begin to take place between weeks 2-4.

How is Gold Manna different than everything else on the market?

Innovation: Manna Gold combines Shilajit and Ormus together. These two all-natural ingredients complement each other in a very transformative way that produces astonishing results.

Taste: The taste of most Shilajit products can be quite pungent. We combine Shilajit and Ormus with our proprietary blend of coconut nectar and pure vanilla extract, making the taste very palatable.

Ease of use:Our single-dose sachet is extremely easy to use and take with you on the go.

Higher dosage: We offer a higher dosage than competitors, unique and higher quality ingredients sourced from ancient geographical locations.

Manna Gold is the only product on the market that transforms pure 24-carat gold into alchemical gold that is not only bioavailable, but also has a specific particle size that will cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the central nervous system.

What is genetic liberation and how does Manna Gold help me achieve it?

Genetic liberation is the act of freeing yourself from the limiting patterns encoded in your DNA, allowing you to access the highest potential of your consciousness. Manna Gold is a powerful supplement that supports this transformation, utilising the ancient wisdom of alchemy to entrain the bodies systems.

Is Gold Manna a medicine?

As per FDA law, no company can claim that their product is medicine without years of testing and trials. We can not make medicine/drug claims, even if they are true. That said, our Manna Gold can certainly be used to greatly improve health.

Is Gold Manna safe for children and pregnant women?

Yes! Manna Gold is completely safe for people of all ages and through all stages of pregnancy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.